Shiroi Gal - A gyaru who follows the gyaru fashion who chooses not to tan.

46 Gal- Basically the non tan version 96/kuro/tsuyome gals

YOU CAN BE PALE AND STILL BE GAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I credit the original people who posted these pictures!

BTW guy I fixed the page, so you can see the descriptions.

Anonymous said: what happen with kuronba, ganguro, manba, yamanba, seta guy, kyoba boy,etc?

Getting there.

Anonymous said: What is roma-gyaru and how does it differ from himekaji ?

Roma is just a style not a type of gal. Some roma stuff can be himekaji.

Anonymous said: Can you make a tutorial for how to dress different gyaru style if not is there a site you'd recommend, Please and thank you

I’ll try my best! I don’t even have all styles up, and not all the styles go into detail. Which is my bad on my part. Fuck it, I’m redoing everything. lol The best thing I can tell you so far is to just kinda copy what you see in pictures, and magazines. Than over time you can start to pick up what go together, practices makes perfect. If you think that you have to sick with one style in gal, you don’t actually have to. Some himes do agejo. Some Kuro gals do mode style. etc. Ok, I admit that I went off in an tangent

SPORT GALS - As its name suggests these girls usually go dressed in a sport, but not stop going to the latest fashions, short skirts, sport jackets, shorts, tennis shoe, also often wear hats with sports team or just a cap. Just think of sporty spice. It’s more of a look, than its own thing.

I posted a gal who does sports her name is  (top 3). Used a UFC Japan Ring girl.

Anonymous said: Are there any gyaru's that incorporate fairy kei into there style?

hmm.. maybe himes or goshikku. I’ve seen some items worn by those types. Some times the fairy kei girls make up look galish to me sometimes. I don’t see why not, if your make up looks gal, and clothes look good. It shouldn’t be a problem gals now days incorporate alot of different styles in to their own. Like re;no is a punk gyaru. By name I don’t don’t really know of anybody. Just in passing on tumblr.

This is my opinion.

themusesofdashion said: What do the guy gyaru's look like?

type in the search bar gyaruo

Anonymous said: Which Gyaru-Style does Yumachi follow? Basic Gyaru?

I’d say what day she feels like earlier she was a tad darker skinned  and dia making her an kuro gal. Now she lighten up I think she goes from 46 gal to onee more. Depending on how she feels, so yeah basic gyaru kei.

Tsuyome Manba- (2004- Offically 2009-20??) (Retired/ exceptions are made in the summer time)

The most extreme style of manba, even yet all of gyaru.

The decora kei of gyaru. Overload of accessories, extremely tan, extreme make up.

Tan scale: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  • To some gal’s it’s more cosplay now for nostalgic reasons.
  • There are only a few serious ones left, and they normally lighten up in the winter time.

NOT based off the “blackface” in the 1800’s. They were copying beach babes from California. Didn’t get real dark till later. Even japan has its own tanning culture, just like America has a few of its own. This style is NO way mocking African people.